MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary Builder 2013

MM3-TeachingMachine - Vocabulary Builder 2013: Study with your mobile and own lessons, when and where you always would like. Study when and where you always would like with your mobile smartphone and lessons of your own. The teaching machine is your personal vocabulary trainer. Choose between studying short-time for an examination or store the facts permanently into your long-term memory. You design your learning process effectively and highly efficient with that. You simply can create questions+answers at your PC. You build up your personal knowledge at the same time.

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Sight Trainer Demo 1.0

The SIGHT TRAINER is a simple and easy-to-use application developed to help people suffering of MYOPIA, SHORTSIGHTEDNESS, PRESBYOPIA, LONGSIGHTEDNESS or ASTYGMATYSM. This site will help you: -To prevent yourself from loosing vision -To improve your sight -To heal your eyes -To stop wear glasses and contact lens -To remove results of bad vision -To escape blurred world -To make your sight, and thinking SHARP

sight, vision, shortsightedness, training, presbyopia, astygmatysm, myopia, longsightedness, eyes

Chess Vision Trainer 3.0: Chess training system to improve your visualization and move calculation skills.
Chess Vision Trainer 3.0

Chess Vision Trainer is a chess training system to improve your visualization and move calculation skills in Chess. The position displayed on the screen is not the true position but the position a certain number of half-moves before the true position. Thus you are always forced to look ahead of the chess position you see on the board.

vision, visualisation, chess, chess training, visualization, kasparov, analysis, training, calculation, fischer

Guitar Speed Trainer 1.38: Play-along training software to develop jaw-dropping speed on guitar
Guitar Speed Trainer 1.38

If you want to play FAST... if you want to play scales, patterns, licks, and solos at burning speeds... the Guitar Speed Trainer is a play-along training software that will help you achieve that goal. With 20 minutes a day of practice, in a few weeks you will be playing with more speed and precision that you ever imagined possible. Includes training on alternate picking, semi-alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, and other exotic techniques.

guitar technique, guitar solo, guitar speed, fast guitar, guitar software, shredding, guitar, scales, improvisation

IQ Testing Trainer 1.1: Get IQ tests score more than 150 points
IQ Testing Trainer 1.1

Get IQ tests score more than 150 points. IQ Testing trainer significantly increases your IQ tests score and general intelligence, it can help you to develop photographic memory, to think quickly and effectively, to solve any problems easily. This is not a usual brainteaser, this software is based on latest scientific reserches.

iq testing, iq test, iq tests, intelligence quotient

Logic Trainer 1.8: Guess the combination of six colors in four positions which are hidden from you.
Logic Trainer 1.8

Take a break and entertain you mind with a dynamic dance of logic in Logc trainer! Your objective is to guess the combination of six colors in four positions which are hidden from you. Find that combination within 6 attempts or faster.

logic puzzle, logic game, puzzle, puzzle game

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Vocabulary Trainer 4.7.1

This is a vocabulary drill tool which is an excellent supplement to any course or a textbook, or for individual study. The trainer uses a unique approach to learning vocabulary which is optimized for lifetime learning, not just for short-term memorization. Works with any target language!

foreign, quiz, language, russian, trainer, drills, words, vocabulary

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